Sophie, a young and curious sandwich waitress has found relief from her daily chores through one of her regular customers. Joe, a shy and complicated character lives a life of quiet routine and his mysterious ways have begun to intrigue Sophie, who calls round once a day with his order. Having picked up some clues about his pastimes, Sophie tries to connect with Joe over a carefully chosen gift. Although she doesn't get the response she expected, she seems to have opened a door and joins him for lunch, unaware of the real impact she is about to make on Joe's life. The following day, disturbed and anxious from the suspicious events at the library, Joe reveals his secret mission to Sophie. After a tense exchange Joe disappears and Sophie becomes increasingly concerned by his failure to appear or collect the food she leaves on the doorstep. Joe's fragile world is crumbling and Sophie only begins to comprehend her part in it when it is already too late.